Golden Goose Running Pas Cher

Sleeping Beauty was stuck in her slumber for so long that she missed lots of fun and friendship.  No wonder she wants to spend so much time socializing, entertaining and learning about all she missed!  Sleeping Beauty has time for everyone, is most happy when she is sharing, and is joyful when she is spending time with her friends. Her love of beautiful tables, decor and fashion plus her big, generous and curious heart makes her everyone’s friend; yet she has a special place in her heart for The Little Mermaid.
Snow White  would never have taken a bite out of that apple if apples weren’t her favorite food in the first place.  It’s no surprise that she has a challenge overcoming her fear.  But, she does it!  And after a little marketing hiccup, who knew that this Apple Foodie would end up helping the kingdom get healthier with her selection of apple foods, straight from her very own bakery company, The Happy Apple!?